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Dr. Mike SueMy name is Dr. Mike Sue. I am the owner and upper cervical chiropractor of Core Chiropractic of Livermore. I specialize in treating upper cervical and fibromyalgia patients.

My goal as a doctor is to understand what’s really going on with a sick person’s physiology, then work with the body to restore better function. There is a vast difference between treating a set of symptoms and treating a PERSON. The latter requires understanding what’s causing those symptoms and working on the faulty physiology.

My passion and area of expertise is understanding neurology, specifically the neurology of the brain stem and upper part of the neck. By understanding how the brain and nervous system function and what causes it to malfunction, I am able to help the people who need me most.

I’ve always had an intuitive desire to help people and I knew that becoming a doctor would allow me to do that. You might say that the desire to help people runs in my family.  My great grandfather was an herbalist, and my grandfather and great-uncle were both chiropractors, and my father is a dentist. Going into the health field, and helping people is what I always knew I would do.

As I progressed through my formal education I was always asking questions. I wasn’t one to take everything taught to me at face value. I wasn’t satisfied with tradition or doing something because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” I needed to UNDERSTAND the reasons and mechanisms behind what was presented. My journey into healthcare began because I had a desire to help sick people, but I didn’t want to just prescribe drugs to them.

While earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California at Santa Cruz, I had a snowboarding accident, which is what really catapulted me into the natural side of health care. One day I took a pretty hard fall and gave myself whiplash. My family medical doctor wanted to load me up with pain medications and told me my pain would go away on its own. When I followed my doctor’s recommendations yet continued to get worse, I turned to my natural health care roots and began a course of chiropractic care. Finally, after suffering with pain and taking pain pills, I had a doctor who addressed the underlying structural issues that were creating my neck pain. For the first time after my snowboarding accident I began to heal and become pain free.

Immediately after graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz, I applied and was accepted into chiropractic school and my journey into health care officially began. I completed an extensive postgraduate training program with honors at Life Chiropractic College West. I became certified as a chiropractor with not only spine and musculoskeletal knowledge, but as a chiropractor dedicated to helping people who need upper cervical and fibromyalgia care.

While I was getting treatment for my snowboarding injury, my chiropractor took the time to help me understand how the structures in the upper part of my neck were tied directly into my brain and nervous system function. I feel very fortunate that I found a doctor that knew and understood the vast connections between the upper cervical spine and the brain. Only a very small number of doctors in the world are adequately trained in the special technique of correcting abnormalities in the upper neck. I became fascinated with how the upper neck receptors and joint stimulation (medically called mechanoreception) from the body that keep the brain functioning normally. The upper cervical joints have a major impact in feeding ‘sensory stimulation’ (part of the ‘food’ the brain lives on), to the brain.

Have you ever heard of someone undergoing a personality change after an accident? What happens is the integrity and stimulation from the upper neck is partially lost, and the brain loses that vital stimulation it depends on. This can result in changes in mood, personality, and starts a process that can include chronic pain, hormone disruptions, adrenal disruptions, and a whole big cascade of problems that lead to the syndrome we now call fibromyalgia.

If I’d never received the proper treatment after my accident and just continued to take pills to treat the problem, I would still be suffering with chronic pain, and probably would be diagnosed with fibromyalgia, just like you may be suffering from. Through my own traumatic experience, I was inspired to assist people suffering and in pain by correcting abnormalities in the upper neck area.

Trauma is a common trigger for fibromyalgia, and it often goes unresolved because very few doctors in the world are trained to understand how to measure and fix the sensitive structures in the upper cervical spine. After graduating I undertook a concentrated course of study that dealt specifically with upper cervical spine, and a special correction technique that only 1,300 doctors in the entire world are trained and qualified to deliver.

It is our highly specialized approach that normalizes Central Nervous System function, which is the root cause of fibromyalgia and chronic pain that causes people from all over the Tri-Cities to come to our clinic to get treatment for their fibromyalgia.

Besides my passion for helping the worst cases of fibromyalgia with our very specialized treatment approach, I personally enjoy martial arts (Black Belt in Shotokan Karate), golf, hiking, camping, and I still enjoy snowboarding.

My personal roots are in Livermore, and I am dedicated to serving the residents of Livermore, helping fibromyalgia sufferers and people in pain get the help they need and deserve.

I look forward to personally working with you to change your life…and adding more years to your life…and more life to your years.

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