Our Fibromyalgia Approach

95% of Fibromyalgia Patients Are MISDIAGNOSED and MEDICALLY MISMANAGED…Learn the Simple Steps You Can Take To Finally End Your Suffering Once and For All!

Read on to learn about this Fibromyalgia revelation that could possibly wake you up from your fibromyalgia nightmare and end your suffering  – FOREVER!!!

By Dr. Mike Sue
Founder of the Livermore Fibromyalgia Institute™

Dear Fibromyalgia Sufferer:

Life is short…very short.  And if you’re the kind of person who is strongly interested in enjoying the kind of pain-free, energized life you thought was only reserved for the young, lucky people without fibromyalgia… or you  just want straight, no B.S. ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS so you can get your life back like it was before fibromyalgia stole so many of its precious, irreplaceable moments… Then reading this, admittedly lengthy and I think revolutionary report, may be one of the most important things you’ve ever done… or ever will do.

It’s not about luck.  It’s about a secret.  And what’s a secret?  A secret is nothing more than knowledge…knowledge that could change your life.

If you’re suffering with fibromyalgia…it’s time to unlock the fibromyalgia ankle chains that have stolen and IS stealing so much of your life.

If you…
 suffer with constant or intermittent fibromyalgia symptoms

 feel exhausted and in pain all day,

 worry about playing with your children or doing the things you love to do because you always feel “lousy,”

… then you need to read this report.  ALL OF IT.  I honestly don’t know where else you can get this vital information.

If you’ve been desperately searching for answers.  REAL and HONEST answers as to why you’re suffering and HOW you can get better.  If you’re sick and tired of listening to so called “experts” who take your money and leave you no better and with less hope.  If you want to FINALLY get your life back… then reading this entire report RIGHT NOW and not putting off reading it, like the thousands of emails in your email box, will prove to be the biggest, most important decision you’ve made in a long time.

After reading the next 9 pages, you will feel that giant weight being lifted off your chest as you get the possible answer to your greatest hopes and dreams…as you get the possible answer to that huge, debilitating monster that can cripple your enthusiasm, ruin relationships and in some crush your very will to live…

You know that monster I’m talking about – the “Fibromyalgia Monster” that robs you of your youth.  Sucks the fun right out of your life and makes you old before your time.  I’m here to tell you it does NOT have to be this way… it does NOT have to be a struggle anymore.

Imagine  how great you would feel without your constant joint pain, stiffness and chronic fatigue…

Imagine  how easy your life would be if you could just do all the things you want and love to do WITHOUT the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia…

Imagine  how easy your life would be if you could just do all the things you want and love to do without feeling exhausted and miserable.

Imagine  not having to take handfuls of all those expensive pain medications that don’t work and can have deadly side effects…

Imagine  waking up tomorrow morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed, feeling completely refreshed with a surge of energy, ready to take on the new day – JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE…

“Here’s What This Is All About…”

Hi, my name is Dr. Mike Sue and I want to help Fibromyalgia sufferers free themselves.  I am about to reveal to you what I believe is the ULTIMATE, possible solution to your fibromyalgia.

We know how fibromyalgia can put a strangle hold on your life… squeezing your hopes and dreams right out of you like a giant anaconda.

At the Livermore Fibromyalgia Institute, we help fibromyalgia patients EVERY DAY.  The Livermore Fibromyalgia Institute is devoted to fibromyalgia.  Devoted to cases other doctors have had no success with.  Devoted to cases other doctors have given up on.  Devoted to cases other doctors have simply turned their backs on and thrown out in the trash.  Devoted to cases just like yours.

I spend countless hours every week treating fibromyalgia sufferers just like you and scouring the earth to find the very best and the very latest advances in fibromyalgia.

New Discoveries In Brain Science Have Paved The Way For True and Lasting Fibromyalgia Relief….

Science has shown us in the last twenty years that the brain  and nervous system can change, re-mold, and create new connections, based on the stimulation you give it. It has been proven, over and over again, that it is possible to diagnose areas of the brain that are weak, and change those weak areas through specific neuro-biomechanical corrections. The scientific term for this is Brain Plasticity.

I began my work by exclusively treating chronically ill patients with dizziness and chronic pain. By using my neurological approach, I was helping people turn around their lives, giving them a chance to live well again, after countless doctors and specialists had given up.

It didn’t take me long to realize, and you may have come to this conclusion because of your own circumstance, that when a person has a health condition that is not considered life threatening, and there is no easy fix, our medical system is completely inadequate.

I would see the desperation on the faces and in the eyes of the fibromyalgia patients I treated. They were yearning to have someone listen to them, to spend the time necessary to get to the bottom of their problem, and most importantly, to help them break the chains their condition had put on their lives.

I understood them, and I knew I had to engineer my practice to allow me to function as the doctor I needed to be for them. I couldn’t rush people in and out in 10 minutes like commonly happens in the insurance medical model. I couldn’t squabble with insurance companies, trying to get them to pay for treatment that was above and beyond what they felt was necessary. I stepped outside of the box. I had to do things different to create the life changing results patients drove great distances and made great sacrifices to recieve.

I not only stepped outside the box, I LEAPED out of it. Inside that box was a health care system that never could help the people in the way they needed to be helped.

Most doctors I know have just given up on fibromyalgia patients completely, throwing their hands in the air telling their patients it’s all in their heads. While other doctors give up, and try to make you feel like you are crazy, we have been systematically making phenomenal changes for fibromyalgia patients in the Livermore Fibromyalgia Recovery Program… it is unlike anything you have ever experience… and I can’t wait to share more with you in this report… so let’s keep moving.

“There are 20 Million Fibromyalgia Sufferers In The United States!…”

I have scoured the ends of the earth… literally… researching the causes and treatments for fibromyalgia. I have gone through more medical journals in the last 6 years than most doctors read in a lifetime. After a few years of searching, all I came up with were worthless drugs, diets, supplements, herbs, anti-depressants, psychiatrists, magnets… I even found someone selling some kind of “mineral enriched sea water.”  Some of these treatments help other conditions but…

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with your fibromyalgia and all the so called “answers” you get from your doctors?  Well, I was too.

The bottom line was… I could not find anyone who was REALLY helping fibromyalgia sufferers.  Sure they did a lot of elaborate, expensive tests (Very expensive!).  They used a lot of fancy words.  But when all was said and done, what could they do for you? Then they had the nerve to send you an outrageous bill even Donald Trump would have trouble paying!

“I was angry and frustrated with what I found, and fortunately for you…”

I’m The Kinda Guy Who Will Complain To Anyone Who’ll Listen!

That’s how I found out about an amazing system created by the original developer of chiropractic, a doctor who’s system has over a 90% success rate for chronic conditons like fibromyalgia.  The secret to this programs success is that it focuses on the root of fibromyalgia, that, to my knowledge, no other doctors have even heard about, much less are doing. This isn’t the basic chiropractic work that 50 other doctors in town do… in fact their are only 1,300 doctors in the world trained in these methodologies… and much less that have mastered it like we have.

We attack fibromyalgia at it’s core, giving you the best possible chance to feel like you did BEFORE fibromyalgia stole your life.

Knowing this “insider” secret offers you the possible solution to your fibromyalgia .  Almost overnight, you may start relieving aches, pains and chronic fatigue.

The trick, of course… is finding the right secrets.  And the right guide, who will take you by the hand, answer all your questions… and show you exactly how you can get help, as fast as humanly possible.  The right guide, who understands exactly what you are going through and has helped so many just like you already.

There’s a lot of nonsense out there.  Too many “experts” who really don’t understand what you are going through.  Doctors ready to put you on some new trial, toxic drug.  Snake oil salesmen ready to profit from your fear.  Jokers who don’t know what they are doing.

That’s why I’ve put together the Livermore Fibromyalgia Institute Fibromyalgia Recovery Program.  It’s the exact program that so many former fibromyalgia sufferers tell me they wish they knew about 10 years ago… So much unnecessary suffering… so much wasted time.  This program is the secret most fibromyalgia sufferers never discover.

“So What Is The Secret?…”

Here’s What Makes our Fibromyalgia Recovery Program work:

 The Brain and Neurological System:

Much of the latest research points to brain stem injury and malfunction as a major cause if not THE cause of fibromyalgia.  Our “Complete Fibromyalgia Qualification Evaluation” includes a brain and neurological evaluation and digital infrared thermography.

Our Secret Weapon That Allows Us To Look Into The Function Of Your Brainstem…

Digital infrared thermography is a scientifically based, computerized test that helps determine abnormalities in your neurological system function.  This test is simple and only takes 3 minutes.  A complete color print out is given with a full written report.  This test helps determine if you can be helped through our program and helps monitor your progress.  This is Non-Invasive and is painless!

“The Dissection Of A Soul…”

You see, you can lose a leg… you can lose an arm… but there is NOTHING like an amputated spirit.  That’s what fibromyalgia does to you.  And the worst part is that it is you are not alone.  Fibromyalgia is amputating the spirit of so many people.

Fibromyalgia is a crippling disease ruining the lives of 20 million people.  9 out of 10 are women.  What we’re here to do is to share this with you.  Share this information that I think will change your life forever.

There’s a lot of nonsense out there.  A lot of “experts” praying on your misery.  Filling you with false hope.  Or even worse, telling you there is NO HOPE.  That’s why I’ve written this report

We will take you by the hand and answer ALL your questions…giving you the best possible way to get better.

“I don’t care if you’ve been to 100’s of other doctors…”

Or if you’ve been to other chiropractors.  Or if you’ve tried everything under the sun and been disappointed countless times.  None of that matters.

The ONLY thing that matters… is your desire to get on the bus.  To start feeling better right away.  To finally find the answers you’ve been looking for that can change your life.  This is a simple program, but you canNOT find it anywhere else and you canNOT figure it out all by yourself.  You will NOT find this in a fibromyalgia chat room. There is absolutely no sane reason why you should go on suffering when the answer may lie right at your finger tips.

Let me be your guide.  I know what you’re going through.  When I started asking other doctors about fibromyalgia they told me, “Aaaah, they’re all just hypochondriacs… there’s nothing wrong with them… what they need is a good shrink!”  Well, I know better.

Please take the time to read through the numerous patient testimonials on our site.  You will see that many of my patients went to many other doctors and tried many different treatments before they came to me and were finally able to get relief.

I’ve filled my practice just from word-of-mouth.  I’m not sure how many more new patients I can accept.  I strictly limit the number of fibromyalgia sufferers on this program so I can give each and every one the individual attention you need to get the best possible results.  There is also a qualification process to make sure you are a candidate for the program and have the best chance for success. A thorough examination is needed and of course, there are a lot of factors that will determine your individual response.

So please… if you at all interested in seeing if you qualify for this program, and seeing if this is finally the solution to your fibromyalgia you’ve been dreaming about… do it now.

“How Would You Like To Find Out  If You Qualify For This Amazing, New Program… Right Now?…”

Here’s The Qualification Process…

Health Consultation – I will conduct a review of your current health status in addition to assessing your fibromyalgia history

Examination – Aside from typical exam procedures you will also receive a comprehensive neurological system evaluation utilizing paraspinal infrared thermography.  This specialized diagnostic tool tells us if there is a problem with the function of your brain and neurological system.

3-D x-ray assessment – Our office is one of the few that has this laser aligned x-ray unit.  This is an important test.  If we detect a problem of your brain and neurological system with the above test we will take these specialized x-rays.  This specialized x-ray unit allows us to determine exactly where the problem is located

A Personalized Health Report– At the conclusion of the evaluation a 2nd appointment will be set to present to you your Personalized Health Report.  A lot of information is gathered at the first visit and it takes time to analyze it.  This personalized health report includes:

  • The results from the evaluation
  • If we can help you
  • A personally tailored care program to restore your brain and neurological system to its proper function, including:
  • How long we anticipate it to take
  • How much it will cost

My office normally charges $197 for this exam. For a limited time I am offering your initial evaluation for 50% off. My colleagues think I am crazy to offer this rock bottom deal.  When is the last time ANY doctor has offered you a special rate like this? The truth is I know you have been through so much, and I know my Institute’s approach is so much different than anything you have experienced, that I am giving you your entire evaluation at a deeply discounted rate so you have no excuse to experience this unique for yourself. I am on your side and I want to prove it to you.

“If You Call 925-371-2673 And Schedule Your Fibromyalgia Qualification Evaluation Today… (or Click Here To Schedule Online)”

And if you qualify for your program, you have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain…


And because I know I don’t have a magic wand and there are no 100% cures out there, I go one step further. You see, I cannot guarantee results (that’s illegal). But I can guarantee your satisfaction. If you qualify for care and are accepted and if after the first 30 days of treatment you are not happy for any reason and I mean ANY REASON, you get ALL of your money back… no questions asked! I dare you to find any doctor that is willing to match this offer. No one dares match this offer because they know it would put them out of business!

You see, I believe in paying for results not just for someone’s time.  I know how frustrated I have been when I received horrible advice from attorneys and accountants and still had to pay the bill. That has happened to me more than once and frankly…


So why would I accept you as a patient if I honestly did not feel I could help you?  Why would I waste my time and yours only to have to give you your money back?  For that reason, I only accept the most qualified people.

Now, I cannot tell you if you will qualify for my program, but if you do, you have absolutely nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.

“Now Give Me A Minute To Speak “Off The Record…”

You’ve spent the last half-an-hour or so reading this report.  9 pages to this point.  You MUST be seriously interested in what we’ve said and what the Livermore Fibromyalgia Institute Fibromyalgia Recovery Program can do for you.  Finally finding a way to possibly erase many if not all of your fibromyalgia symptoms must be exactly what you’ve spent so many sleepless, painful nights dreaming about.  Nevertheless, 9 out of 10 of you who have made it this far, all the way through this report, will “chicken out.”

Why do so many people give up without at least giving it a shot?  I think you’ve been taken advantage of… played for a sucker more than once.  Prayed on by unscrupulous snake oil salesmen who promise you the world and deliver junk.  By this time you’re more than a little “gun shy.”  I understand.  That’s why I put my money where my mouth is and offer you the unparalleled, unconditional, satisfaction guarantee.  You will NOT be taken for a fool.  You will be given ALL the tools you need to get relief from fibromyalgia. – Now the only question left is… are you gonna chicken out?

“Remember When…”

If you can think back, right now, to a time before you suffered with fibromyalgia and imagine EXACTLY how that felt.  Imagine how wonderful you felt without aches and pains…without undue stress on your relationship and family… a life full of energy.  Feel how you felt… see what you saw… smell what you smelt… it feels wonderful doesn’t it?  Kinda like that feeling that engulfed your entire body when you met your first love.  Imagine how that would feel again… to have that energy and incredible connection again… with your spouse, your children…your family – and if you could look back on today, sitting here reading this report, as being the beginning of that – the beginning of the happy, fulfilled life you’ve always wanted.  If you can feel that RIGHT NOW and want that feeling to continue, you probably should, and ought to pick up the phone and schedule your evaluation… RIGHT NOW!

“Here’s What To Do Next…” 

Call 925-371-2673 or click here to schedule online!  Set up your consultation and at least find out if this is the right course of action for you.  There is no obligation for you to start care.

Remember you must call with 2 weeks of requesting this report (we have the date you requested it in our database) to receive your Fibromyalgia Qualification Evaluation, Digital Infrared Thermograhy, written Fibromyalgia Solution Recommended Action Plan and Consultation, and any necessary x-rays, a $197 value…for less than $100!!

Why suffer another day, when the answer to your fibromyalgia may be here, right in front of you?  How would you feel, finding out years from now, the answer to your pain and suffering was right in front of your face all along…and you let it slip through your fingers?


Dr. Mike Sue, D.C.

P.S. One Last Thing – It’s Really Important – Please remember… I can not possibly accept everyone on my program.  I could easily get swamped very quickly.  If that happens, I will have to stop the offer and start a waiting list.  I did not write this report to get rich.  I have a very busy practice already.  No.  I wrote this report because I honestly want to make a difference for so many fibromyalgia sufferers in the world. Now with this report, I get the message out to many more people.  It’s exciting.

So don’t delay on this.  If you want to find out if you qualify for this amazing program… call right now or click here to schedule online.  Of all the fibromyalgia sufferers I have treated not one has ever asked for a refund.  That’s pretty phenomenal… and it proves this is the real deal… not just smoke and mirrors.  This is very important.  Call today.

P.P.S. This Digital Infrared Thermography and Evaluation will take about 20 – 30 minutes.  There will be 8,760 hours in the next year.  You will spend those hours many ways.  How many of those hours will be spent watching T.V.?  Worrying?  Sleeping?  Doing “nothing?”  Wasted? There will be many half hours to add back into your life after I help you function.

P.P.S.  Think about the opportunity cost of not committing half hour for an evaluation.  You risk not helping yourself achieve 100% well-being.  What’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you come in and get your evaluation and Digital Infrared Thermographic scan? The worst is that you lose a half hour of your day.  At BEST, we could find that I CAN help you and you’ll get a natural, drug-free, possible solution to your fibromyalgia.

Is this an opportunity you can afford to pass up?

Call 925-371-2673 (Or Simply Click Here To Schedule Online) to schedule your fibromyalgia qualification consultation and evaluation.  Remember, there is absolutely no further obligation but you must call 2 weeks from the time you requested this report online to receive this offer!