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Improving The Function Of Your Body

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, these are signals from the nervous system of your body telling you there’s something wrong.

Dr. Mike Sue, Livermore chiropractor, has helped numerous patients with chronic issues that other doctors said couldn’t be healed.  He is an expert at optimizing the function of the body and removing the interference (what’s causing the pain) from the main control system of your body.

Upper cervical chiropractic care restores the alignment and proper movement, allowing your nervous system to function at 100% and heal your body from the inside out. Dr. Sue can improve how you feel by getting your body to work better.

Learn Why Fibromyalgia Sufferer’s From All Over The Tri-Valley Area Come To Our Institute To Relieve Their Fibromyalgia Pain, Fatigue, and Insomnia Without Drugs, Surgery, or Side Effects….

Fibromyalgia was originally thought to be a problem that existed within the muscles. Fibromyalgia actually stems from a faulty nervous system. The latest scientific evidence overwhelmingly shows that malfunctioning parts of the brain and central nervous system cause and contribute to the pain, depression, fatigue, brain fog, fast heartbeat, and digestive problems that plague fibromyalgia sufferers.  Dr. Sue provides quality chiropractic care that will help fibromyalgia sufferers.

New technology is now available that allows us to actually “see” what is happening with the nervous system of a fibromyalgia patient. 

Not only can we see where things are malfunctioning… we can correct the imbalances in the nervous system without drugs, or surgery.

We have created a special report to help fibromyalgia sufferers understand how malfunctioning in the nervous system can create the bodywide pain, fatigue, and other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia… and how you can detect and correct these brain problems non-invasively through neurological treatments. To access this report, please visit our contact page and send Core Chiropractic a message. You will gain a new perspective on your pain, learn useful information that you can put to use immediately, and learn about the newest research and treatment options that are now available.  

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